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Learner Modelling for Reflection (LeMoRe) Researchers


Paul Brna, University of Glasgow
Susan Bull, University of Birmingham
Vania Dimitrova, University of Leeds

LeMoRe is a new U.K. endeavour in the area of learner modelling to promote reflection, led by the Universities of Birmingham, Glasgow and Leeds. We welcome new members from the U.K. and worldwide.


1. To advance the theoretical study and the application of approaches to opening the learner model to learners and others involved in the learning process, such as teachers and peers.

2. To promote an awareness of the potential of this field as a valuable contribution to building solutions across a range of learning contexts (e.g. lifelong learning, training, school, higher education) and pedagogies (e.g. resource-based learning, problem-based learning, instruction, assessment-based learning) using a variety of software and hardware technologies.

3. To develop and support a strong community of researchers from the existing research base in the United Kingdom, establishing inter-institutional and inter-disciplinary links, and encouraging young researchers in the field.

4. To enhance the reputation of the U.K. as an international centre of excellence in learner modelling.

For further information or to become a member of LeMoRe please email s.bull@bham.ac.uk.