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Student Alumni - who have been awarded PhDs

Jing Hu     Partial Differential Equation Solutions based on Reconfigurable Computing SFQ/AC 2010
Simon Parish     Behavioral Synthesis of Analogue Integrated Circuits SFQ 2009
Abdallatif S Abu Issa   Web Low Power Testing for Asynchronous Logic Systems SFQ 2009
Yu Sun   Web Iconic representation based 3d progressive image transmission DP 2008
Maria Barilla Perez   Web Colour based texture image segmentation MS 2008
Xin Zou E-Mail   Speech signal processing using independant component analysis PJ/MJR 2007
Vincent Calloway     Acoustic weapon locating performance models MJR 2007
Shona D'Arcy   Web The effects of Accent and Age on Speech Recognition Performance MJR 2007
Guy Maskall E-Mail   Generalised radar target signature classification DP 2007
Neil Cooke E-Mail Web Relation between eye movements and speech MJR 2007
Paul Dixon     Analysis of Acoustic Speech Signals using Products of Experts MJR 2007
Michael Knowles   Web Automatic Video Analysis MS 2006
Gavin Phillips   Web Cyclostationary direction finding PRA/TC 2006
Boon-Hooi Lo     A discrete model of speech dynamics for automatic speech recognition MJR 2005
Bin Luo     Unified multi-scale image corner detection DP 2004
Jonathan S Y Teh     Object-based video compression MS 2004
Stephen Melnikoff E-Mail Web Speech recognition in programmable logic SFQ 2003
Qun Li   Web Automatic recognition of children's speech MJR 2003
Simon G J Smith     Predicting query types by prosodic analysis MJR 2003
Nick Wilkinson   Web Modelling asynchrony in the articulation of speech for automatic speech recognition MJR 2003
Benjamin Carrión-Schäfer Web Acceleration of the discrete element method on a reconfigurable co-processor SFQ 2002
Michael L P Wong Biometrics for keyless automobile access MJR 2002
Ming Xu   Robust and flexible multi-scale medial axis computation DP 2001
David M Gibson Data compression techniques for coronary angiography video sequences MS/SIW 2001
Robert O Jackson   Parallel heterogeneous computer architecture DP 2000
Mounther N Salous Context-based image transmission DP 2000
Klaus Köster     Development of robust graph hierarchical algorithms for segmentation of 3D images MS 1999
Neil L Miller   Reconfigurable integrated circuits for computation-intensive applications SFQ 1998

Staff alumni

Dr Jianhong Jin Personalised user interfaces for information management and authorisation (PUMA) MJR 2003
Dr Philip J B Jackson An integrated multi-level statistical model for speech pattern processing (Balthasar) MJR 2002
Dr Philip B James-Roxby   Web Reconfigurable computing   2000
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