When to carry out a risk assessment


You do not need to carry out a written risk assessment in order to do the operations detailed below, provided such operations are done within rooms designated for that purpose and within the Gisbert Kapp building


However a signed declaration must be made that you are only carrying out the operations detailed here, this, in effect, is your risk assessment. 

[You do not need to carry out a risk assessment or sign the declaration below if you are working , under supervision, in the Undergraduate Electronics laboratory N207 or carrying out computer operations in rooms NG22, N337 and N416]

The declaration may be found here.

      Using equipment that has been purchased and provided by the School

      Using equipment that has a valid tested for electrical safety label

      Using a bench power supply that provides less than 30 Volts between terminals or earth

      Working on a project that that contains voltages below 30 Volts (whether generated or transformed ) .

      Working on a project that produces/uses Radio frequency signals below 1mW/cm2.

      Using a P.C. solely to write software/documentation

      Not using Chemicals (Including proprietary substances such as glue, cleaning solvents or water)

      Using lasers classified as Class 1

      Soldering in a designated area

      Using small  hand-tools to construct electronic circuits (Pliers, wire cutters, and screwdrivers)

      Working with items at  temperatures between 5 degrees  and 30 degrees Celsius

X    Not working with revolving or moving parts