Power and Control Systems Research Laboratory


The research of the Power and Control Systems Research Laboratory is focused in the following principal areas: energy efficient actuators and systems, nonlinear control system theory and industrial applications, power system control and monitoring, applications of power electronics, system modelling and optimisation. The Research Laboratory is active in development and demonstration of new energy saving and energy efficient control technology. Our research is supported by the funding from EPSRC, BCURA, AWM and the industrial partners.



Professor Jihong Wang

Dr Jianlin Wei (Science City Research Fellow)

Research Fellow 1, to be appointed

Research Fellow 2, to be appointed

Mr Shen Guo (Research Assistant)

Mr Paschalis Zachariades (PhD student)

Mr Xing Luo (PhD student)

Mr Ashraf Khalil (PhD student)

Mr Hao Sun (PhD student)

Mr Omar Mohamed (PhD student)

Recent Publications



PhD studentship:


Current Research Projects:

Study of Supercritical Coal Fired Power Plant Dynamic Responses and Control for Grid Code Compliance (joint with School of Chemical Engineering), supported by EPSRC (EP/G062889), 2009~2013.


Development of a Novel Energy Efficient Magnetic Scroll Air Motor supported by EPSRC (EP/H004084), Aug. 2009 ~ 2011.


Coal fired power plant on-line condition and safety monitoring, Proof of Concept Fund, supported by the University of Birmingham (knowledge transfer development fund), 2009 2011


Study of Supercritical Coal Fired Power Plant Dynamic Responses - Start-up Funding for UK-China Collaboration Research, supported by E.ON Engineering, 2009.


Science City energy efficiency project, supported by AWM, 2009 2013.


Mathematical modeling and energy efficiency analysis of scroll air motors, PhD project, 2007 -.


Analysis and robust control of power systems, PhD project 2008 -.


Study of hybrid wind turbines, PhD project, 2008 -.


Deterministic control of nonlinear uncertain dynamic systems



Previous members:

Yuan Yuan Lin-Chen (MPhil, 1999 2001)

Nuri A Daw (MPhil, 1999 2001)

Ioannis Moschopoulos (RA, 2000 2002)

Kary Thanapalan (PhD, 2000 2004)

Stephen Mangan (PhD 2000 2004, RA 2005- 2007)

Jianlin Wei (PhD, 2002 2007)

Jia Ke ( PhD, 2003 2007)

Nan Lu ( PhD, 2004 -2008)

Nan Jia (PhD, 2004-2009)

Li Yang (PhD, 2004-2009)

Dr Yong Yin (Academic Visitor, 2007-2008)

Dr Leon Shpanin (Research Fellow, 2007-2010)




Completed Research Projects:

Feasibility study of energy recovery from exhaust compressed air and optimisation of scroll air motors (EPSRC)


On-line condition and safety monitoring of power station coal mills using a model based pattern recognition technique (BCURA)


HCCI engine modelling for control (Jaguar)